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Nina Bellisio is an educator and photographer with a BFA from Cornell University and an MFA from the University of California, Berkeley. She joined the faculty at St. Thomas Aquinas College in 2011 after teaching art and design for 10 years at the Art Institute of California-San Franciscowhere she won the Dean's Award for Excellence in the Area of Teaching.

As an educator, she would like to create an environment in which students feel comfortable expressing their ideas, while providing a rigorous structure that forces them to push those ideas further. She feels good curriculum is based on the practical application learning outcomes in an adaptable environment that allows students to think and grow as individuals. Her goal is to push students to share ideas they find frightening or uncomfortable so that they can survive, become enriched by it and realize their potential.

While in San Francisco, Professor Bellisio also worked as an e-learning producer at Edutopia, part of the George Lucas Educational Foundation, where is she helped share stories about inspirational public education and as a teacher and mentor with First Exposures, a non-profit organization that pairs photographers with under served Bay Area students.